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We offer a wide selection of freestanding and wall mounted vanities that reflect simplicity and elegance at its finest. Constructed with solid oak wood and stainless steel appliances, these vanities with strong transitional lines will enhance your bathroom appeal instantaneously. The glass or man-made stone counter tops, along with the soft closing cabinetry is sure to induce a level of chicness. Though our specialty is bathroom vanities, we revel in the fact that we can provide a wider range of products that will help you create the perfect ambiance in your home.
Our line of freestanding bathtubs has also been a welcome addition to the 2016 MTD Catalog. Boasting high walls that are minimalist in design and flawless in function, you are able to choose from a wide variety of artfully conceived tubs that will transform your bathroom. Customize your tub with our fixtures to fit your particular, unique style by choosing from the many different modern and traditional designs of our freestanding bathtub faucets. The perfect accessory for your tub to complete the look you are designing.
In addition to our contemporary line, you will now be able to choose between the modern sleek lines of bathroom vanities, and those that are hand sculpted by master craftsmen and inspired by nature. Add a timeless centerpiece to your bathroom, with our new Art of Stone. Influence by the beauty that is bestowed by nature, you will now be able to add an all-natural marble stone design to your bathroom that is glamorous in its simplicity.
We have embarked on a course to become the best in its class and so we look forward to developing and refining our brand. Through continuous improvement, we focus on being innovative and providing a quality brand. We are dedicated to our artistry and we are confident that we will reach newer heights in the years to come.