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Understanding how to make tomorrow more comfortable, efficient and eco-friendly requires understanding where technology needs to be today. Senville, the premier source for ductless air conditioners, is committed to providing the consumer with high quality products. We strive to take every step imaginable to increase our production efficiency, all in order to improve the overall quality of our mini split and ductless lines of air conditioners. For Senville, cooling down or warming up are more than just features listed on a unit’s packaging. When producing our ductless mini split air conditioner heat pumps, we put great effort into each unit and back it with our superb 5-year-warranty your benefit. Many customers choose us for the excellent customer service we provide every step of the way. In the end, Senville machines are chosen for their flawless design, utility, and reliability in fulfilling our customers cooling and heating needs.

"I own 1 Aura and 2 Leto units in my own home & home office, please ask me anything you would like about these. The cooling has been superb, and they have been able to heat with little trouble over the harsh New Hampshire winters." ROB PARISI President POSHHAUS

A Ductless Mini Split Designed to be Installed with Minimal Effort & Costs!
Enjoy the powerful cooling of a permanent air conditioning solution at a fraction of the cost! Our LETO Series offers an economic and affordable ductless air conditioner, while our AURA Series provides you with the most efficient split air conditioner.