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Fixtures and faucets have come a long way.

Reclaim that space, create that spa feeling, a space to pamper yourself after the day's journeys.

Enjoy our huge selection of items for you bathroom including freestanding tubs, semi-custom bath vanities and much more!
  • Bathroom Vanities & Furniture

    Choose the centerpiece that will define your bathroom. Add a foundation of luxury to all of your cosmetic and sanitary regimens, and you will look and feel luxurious.
  • Makeup Mirrors

    Mirrors that reflect your needs. Heated, fog-free, magnified, illuminated, wall-mounted or freestanding -- you name it.
  • Sink Drains & Overflows

    These drains will shine where you'd least expect it. Help keep your sink from clogging up with a variety of drains and overflows.
  • Bath Tub Drains

    Don't throw style out with the bathwater. Regulate both with these tub drains in a variety of finishes.
  • Bathroom Faucets

    Faucets that sing with style. Durable and sleek designs, with ergonomics that will make you forget all about your water bill.
  • Bathroom Sinks

    Choose the shape and material that suits you and your bathroom. Round and rectangular designs available in ceramics, stone, tempered glass, stainless steel, copper, and more.
  • Bath Tubs

    A great bath is one of life's simplest pleasures. Freestanding, drop-in, oval, rectangular, corner tubs and more, with right drains, left drains, or center drains. Find the tub that's right for you.
  • Freestanding Tubs

    Sit back and enjoy the classic simplicity of a free-standing tub, with designs both traditional and contemporary. Available options include acrylic, copper, blu∙stone™, and more. Finishes range from antique to glossy enamel.
  • Walk-In Tubs

    Bathe safely with stability and comfort. Walk-In tubs provide effortless showering and bathing along with hydro & air therapy on equipped models. Preference of right or left-opening doors for ease of access.
  • One-Piece Toilets

    You can't go wrong with a solid design. With a comfortable mix of traditional and modern styles, these water-efficient toilets will freshen up your bathroom without looking out of place.
  • Wall-Mounted Toilets

    Discover the world's best kept secret in plumbing! Wall-mounted toilets use less water than standard toilets and take up less space. Free up your bathroom floor for easier cleaning and eliminate the eyesore of a tank with these modern, minimalist designs.
  • Toilets & Bidets - See More

    Complete your toilet system with various components and accessories. Macerating pumps, flush actuator plates, bidet faucets, seats, carriers, and more.
  • Shower

    A stimulating cleansing from head to toe. Choose from ceiling-mounted, wall-mounted, or handshowers, with panels in acrylic, aluminum, or stainless steel.
  • Shower Bases

    Maintain solid and comfortable footing under wet conditions. Your soles deserve luxury too, with shower base options in stone, acrylic, and more...
  • Steam Showers

    Rejuvenate your skin with a high-tech rainforest in your own home. Enjoy the soothing mist of a waterfall, or the multi-jet power of a monsoon. Chromotherapy and Aromatherapy enrich the experience for total sensory relaxation.
  • Mirrors & Medicine Cabinets

    Stay acquainted with yourself. Behind every happy face is a trove of daily necessities.
  • Towel Warmers

    Creating comfort, and wellness in the bathroom. Available in freestanding and wall-mounted options. Not only do they provide a warm towel, but they also reduce moisture, and energy consumption from constantly washing and drying towels & bathrobes.

  • Bathroom Accessories

    Add comfort and luxury to your bathroom piece by piece, with mirrors, shelves, hooks, drains, and more.
  • Beauty & Wellness

    Draw a hot bath, add a Musee balm, and get ready to soak in life!